eQsolaris, a Delaware C corporation, is a synergist company that includes Kyosemi Corporation, a Japanese optoelectric and solar energy company; Energy Related Devices, a Los Alamos, New Mexico energy research and technology development firm; and Mihama Group, a Japanese chemical and materials company. Together the three companies share two patent applications, scientific intellectual resources, capital, and distribution.

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  • President and CEO:
    Robert Hockaday
  • Vice President of Product Development:
    Davin Saderholm
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing:
    Bjorn Jonson
  • CFO:
    Jim LoGerfo (Earthrise fund)
  • Business Development and Sales:
    Andrea Kornbluth (Mihama Corporation)

  • Business office
    127 Eastgate Dr
    Los Alamos. NM 87544
  • For more information contact Robert Hockaday at 505-662-0660