How it Works

Figure A is a simplified cross-sectional schematic of a single micromirror photovoltaic cell. The photons enter the micromirror and/or lens and are concentratedto the semiconductor. The photons then enter the semiconductor and create electron hole pairs, which are then separated by the population gradient electrostatic potential of the pn junction. One of the electrodes is the micromirror and the other is the back contact. Photons that are not absorbed are reflected off the back electrode and travel back toward the entrance aperture where further absorption occurs.. The electrons and holes collected at the electrodes create a voltage between the electrodes. The electrodes can then be connected to an electrical load. The current flow recombines the photon-generated electrons and holes.

For more detailed information is in our patent applications:

Energy Related Devices Contributing Patent Application (click to view patent application)

Kyosemi Contributing Patent Application (click to view patent application)

Fig. A

Fig. A